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A Coconut Tree Called William

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Mark and I went for a walk on the road outside our community along the river. There were tons of coconuts on the ground, so we thought about picking one up and planting it. We don't know the law in Costa Rica, so we decided to move on.

Then we met a man named William. We asked (in our toddler Spanish) if we were allowed to take them. William told us it was fine, but that the coconut Mark selected was terrible because it was from a terrible tree. (Explained brilliantly in charades.)

William grabbed a good coconut from the other side of the fence that had already sprouted. Lucky for us, he was related to the owner. He then grabbed a knife (because you never know when you will need a knife in Costa Rica) and showed us how to plant the cocunut. He invited us to come back for more anytime.

We planted William on August 9, 2023 near the entrance to our property.

By the way, we ended up naming the two avocado trees we planted on July 14, 2023 Softball (because the size of the fruit) and Guacamole. Softball is growing nicely. Guacamole needs a little support, but we are hopeful he will make it.

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