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A Lifetime of Stuff

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

How did we acquire so much stuff? How did we fill a shed, the garage, coat closets, linen closet, our closet, plus we took over the kids' closets when they moved out. It seems like we have been packing forever getting ready for our move. I am so thankful that Owen and Linda are moving into our house so we only have to deal with our stuff. I couldn't imagine dealing with the kitchen, furniture, and appliances!

Every item is a choice: leave it for Owen and Linda, pack it for the July 9 flight, pack it for another flight, store it, toss it, or donate it. How many bags can we deal with at the airport? How many bags will fit in our vehicle in Costa Rica when we land?

Mark is so worried about burdening Owen and Linda with our unwanted clutter that he "helped" by clearing out the pantry and refrigerator. He tossed red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, white vinegar, toasted sesame seed oil, and every staple I use to make salad dressing. He has also started hiding things in weird places throughout the house so they are not forgotten. The good scissors were finally discovered on his bed stand. He took the OTC meds out of the usual spot and hid them in a plastic bag which wasn't helpful when I was up in the middle of the night with a headache.

My favorite day so far was donating an entire carload of business suits, shoes, and bags. Saying goodbye to most of my uncomfortable business attire was so liberating! We still have a ton of decisions to make, but are making progress every day.

I have always considered myself to be an expert packer with mad Tetris skills. My brother visited and helped me pack. We were a good team. His Tetris packing skills put mine to shame! Sadly, I had to redo everything because I didn't pack any clothing or kitchen items. After packing the kitchen, I planned an awesome dinner with tons of fresh veggies. The only knife I could find was a tiny paring knife. Never underestimate the pleasure of good knives.

Going through boxes of old photos was a ton of fun and heart-breaking at the same time. Mark and I looked like the children we were when we first started dating 35 years ago. We had so many adventures and great times! Looking through our wedding photos, the number of people we have lost in the 30 years since our wedding took my breath away: both of our fathers, both of my grandmothers, Mark's grandmother, Mark's aunt, and my cousin. All of it - the fun, the adventures, the friends, and the loss - confirms our decision to move to Costa Rica. Tomorrow is promised to no one!

All we have left is last minute toiletries and finishing touches. We drive to L.A. tomorrow. We fly to Costa Rica on Sunday.

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