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Celebrating my Birthday in Costa Rica

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

I woke up early on my birthday (August 2, 2023). There was a full moon and the sky was ... well, see for yourself a picture being worth a thousand words and all. The full moon was over the ocean at 5:32 a.m.

We headed to Marino Bellena National Park in Uvita. This is a favorite spot for humpback whales to come and give birth to their babies. The water is warm and there are no apex predators. Plus, the park looks just like a whale's tale, so of course this is where they come to have their babies.

The tour did not disappoint. We got coffee, coconut cookes, and banana nut bread while everyone got checked in. They have obviously been asked for the recipes before.

We saw whales shortly after the tour got started. In all, we saw four moms each with her baby. They were incredible.

We also saw two giant turtles mating and learned that they can mate for two days straight. Respect! I had more questions, but it was a family friendly tour and a dad objected.

We got a swim break out near an island with birds flying above that look like pterodactyls.

We visited the ocean side of a beach called Playa Ventanas. (Windows Beach.) We visited this beach on our first trip to Costa Rica in 2021. It was fun to see it from the ocean.

After the tour was over, we took a walk out in the tail part of the park. The waves were tiny and coming from every direction.

It was the happiest of birthdays!

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