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Crossing the Hanging Bridges of Los Campesinos

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

I tried to cross a suspension bridge on our first trip to Costa Rica in 2021, but my body flat out refused. I was determined not to let fear get in the way on this trip.

On August 5, 2023, we visited the hanging bridges of Los Campesinos. Los Campesinos is only 14 miles from Quepos, but takes about an hour. I really need to stop thinking in terms of miles or kilometers and start thinking of trips in minutes and hours.

Our adventure started shortly after we turned onto Londres Road. In the short time that we have lived in Costa Rica, Mark has driven on all kinds of roads and is pretty comfortable behind the wheel. This road was special! For perspective, a tour company drives you there, the cost is $130. If you drive yourself, the cost of admission and lunch was $24. (The tour company will give you coffee and fruit.) After driving the road, I get it!

The hiking trails were stunning.

Almost immediately after starting on the trails, we hit the first hanging bridge. I faced my fear and crossed. It was spectacular. Walking in the trees is an experience that is hard to describe, so you’ll have to check it out yourself.

The bridge shown in the pictures is 40 meters high (131 feet) and 127 meters across (416 feet). The lunch that was provided was so tasty and fresh. The view was of the last hanging bridge.

The only downside to the day is that it looked like it was about to start raining. While we wanted to linger, there were a few spots in the road that were super muddy and we didn’t want to get stuck on the way back.

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