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Fun with Mary

Our friend came for a ten-day visit. We had an absolute blast!

We knew Mary was in trouble when we picked her up in San Jose, Costa Rica and she asked if the climate at our house was the same as in San Jose. I said that it was similar but that it was warmer and humid where we live. Her face showed fear. In her opinion, it was hot and humid in San Jose!

On the drive from San Jose to our home, we stopped for lunch in Tarcoles. After lunch, Mary and I walked across crocodile bridge. The crocs were not posing for photos that day. We also stopped near the Jaco sign, just past Jaco hoping to see a few scarlet macaws. The macaws did not disappoint!

On Mary's first full day, Mary and I walked down the hill from our house. It is a pleasant walk from the house, but a challenging walk back especially if you are not used to the humidity. (We did it our first week here and almost died.) Mark agreed to come down a half hour later by car and bring our coffee so we could relax in our zen garden area. This is the view of our zen garden from above.

The second I got there, I dropped my glasses in the water. I thought they were gone forever. Mark showed up a few minutes later and hiked down with our coffee. He immediately turned around and went back to the house for goggles to look for my glasses. He found my glasses. We all relaxed and swam. Then Mark jumped off some rocks which Mary loves given how fond she is off edges and ledges.

We took advantage of the opportunity to relax and read and catch up. We had drinks, walks, and spent a lot of time by the pool.

We visited Nauyaca Waterfalls which is only 30 minutes from our house. It was gorgeous! Mark and I tried to swim out to the waterfall on the lower fall, but didn't make it too far. We went to the side of the pool and got close to the fall. The amount of water and force was unbelievable!

We also visited the Hanging Bridges of Los Campensinos. Mary is afraid of edges and ledges, but she wanted to do the bridges. This is what makes Mary one of the coolest people I know!!!

The second video is long, but worth the watch! Mark does a great job of showing Mary and the view from one of the bridges.

We also went rafting on our local river. The guides were great! They picked us up near the house, provided information along the way, kept us safe, showed us a cool waterfall, painted our faces with river rocks, made a great snack, and took all of these great photos!

Sunset watching is one of my favorite activities in Costa Rica. We try to make it to the beach as often as possible at sunset! These are sunset photos taken with our phones. No filters!

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