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Getting Into the Rhythm of Things

We arrived in Costa Rica two weeks ago. It seems like we just got here, but, at the same time, it seems like we have been here forever. We have unpacked. We are organized (as long as you don't look in the pantry or laundry room). We are settling in to the rhythm of things.

The typical day starts with amazing light starting around 4:30 a.m. This photo was taken at 5:30 a.m. My toes were in the pool and coffee was in my hand.

We've learned that any work or errands should be handled first thing in the morning because things really heat up right in the early afternoon. (I know it's nothing like Fresno or Phoenix temperature-wise, but the humidity is brutal and we have not acclimated.) We learned this after having several lazy and wonderful mornings and then killing ourselves in the early afternoon.

First, we had a relaxing morning and then planted our two avocado trees in the early afternoon. We almost died, but didn't learn.

The next day, we took a beautiful peaceful stroll from our house down to our community's park. It's only a mile down the hill and most of the time the road is completely shaded by trees - it felt like walking through Jurassic Park. We saw an amazing metallic blue butterfly. We had the sense to turn around once we got to the park (there is a hike to a river and waterfall from there). The one mile walk up the hill was ridiculous! The magic was lost on us. I didn't know a person could actually sweat buckets. Still, we didn't learn the lesson.

Third, we went to the farmers' market in Quepos (the main city about 20 minutes from our house) in the middle of the day on Friday. We turned what should have been a fun shopping experience getting to know our local farmers into a mission that we needed to complete as quickly as possible. I believe the lesson has been learned.

Almost every afternoon, we get rain. Sometimes we get a little shower. Other times, crazy storms with lightening that lights up the entire sky and thunder that follows and echoes through the mountains. We have seen some amazing shows! We got four and a half inches of rain Friday night in a couple of hours. The next day, there was no evidence of the storm (except that our electricity was still out).

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