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I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Buy Any Plants Until We Were Settled, But...

I love plants! I love everything about them. In Costa Rica, gardening will eventually become my full-time job. (The key word being eventually as I still have some open legal matters that need to be resolved.)

I promised myself that I would not buy any plants until we were fully unpacked and settled in. I also promised myself that I would have a reasonable plan in place as to where everything would go and that we would have the necessary tools in place before I bought anything.

I kept this promise for almost 24 hours. On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, we headed down the hill to purchase some necessities. During our visit in November of 2022, we bought the biggest and most amazing avocados on the side of the road. We went looking for him because I think everyone will agree that avocados are a necessity! We found Arboles Frutales Del General* in the same spot. While he did not have any avocados, he was selling avocado trees that were grafted from the same tree that gave us our November avocados! I don’t really think I had a choice in the matter – I bought two!

We wanted to get them in the ground as quickly as possible, so we needed supplies. I found images of all the items we would need (digging shovels, rakes, weeding tools, and compost), found the Spanish translation, and sent Mark to town while I worked on unpacking the house. (Finding items in Costa Rica is nothing like running a boring errand like heading to Home Depot, it is an adventure unto itself. More on this later.)

We got our avocado babies in the ground early Friday morning. We planted them close to the road, 15 feet apart and can’t wait to see them grow. We are hoping for fruit in November of 2024.

If you want to get in touch with Arboles Frutales Del General, the telephone / What’s App number is 506 8429 7156. I am also sharing the link to his Facebook page.

Pura Vida

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