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The Highs and Lows of Our Third Week in Costa Rica

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Our third week in Costa Rica was challenging. There were definitely some great times, but the challenges were real!

We had unpacked the entire house (as long as organizing the pantry doesn’t count) and were almost settled when we discovered we had a termite infestation. Apparently, this is totally normal in the jungle, but we needed to fumigate right away. We packed up all of our clothes, our bathroom, the linens, the kitchen, and the kitchenette into Costco bumble bee bins.

At the same time, I experienced some digestive issues and pain and felt pretty sick. I had the urge to muscle through it and push, push, push - but decided to rest and take care of myself. If you know me, being gentle with myself like this was kind of revolutionary. I didn’t get out of bed on Monday and slept during the day. On the bright side, not being able to leave the house much is not the worst thing in the world with this view.

I was not up for anything strenuous, but moving around is important. Even when I was admitted in the hospital, my doctor told me to walk as much as I could so off we went, so we drove down the hill to the community entrance. It is flat and easy to navigate. It is so beautiful and peaceful.

We jumped off the small waterfall in the background on our first trip to Costra Rica in 2021. Who knew that we would be living in that community less than two years later?

Tuesday (July 25, 2023), was fumigation day. We went 20 minutes away to Dominical so that the fumigators could do their work. We explored the river and had a great meal at Hotel Rio Linda. Rio Linda claims to have the best Pina Colada in Costa Rica and at this point I have to agree. Further research is required to confirm.

Returning home, the termite death was overwhelming! Plus, the fumigators sprayed directly on all of the wood in our house leaving a waxy residue. Unpacking was a lot more than just emptying the bins and returning everything to their homes. Every drawer, cabinet, stair, and wood surface needed to be wiped down.

Mark did almost all of the work with no help from me on Wednesday unless me giving Mark helpful tips counts. If helpful tips count, then I worked my butt off!

Our power and internet was out a lot the third week. It went out at 1:15 a.m. Thursday morning (July 29, 2023). It was a warmer evening so loosing our ceiling fan woke Mark up. After a day of really hard labor, he did not get much sleep. Power was still out when we woke up. The need for coffee was strong, so we headed back to Dominical. I love Dominical and the vibe. We had great coffee and a great breakfast at Café Olmos.

We checked out the waves. Mark is dreaming of a short board, but our new friend and adventurer Henry (the owner of the cafe, river guide, and local surf expert) strongly advised Mark to get stronger on the long board first.

We checked out the local artist before heading home.

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