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Turtle Release

I love sea turtles! Wathcing a turtle release has been on my bucket list!

One of our first crazy adventures was a quest to see sea turtles while snorkling on our honeymoon 30 years ago. I convinced a group of strangers getting off a cruise ship that we all had to see the sea turtles. I pooled everyone's money, hired a small boat with a driver, and off we went in search of sea turtles. The weather got a little rough, so we didn't see any that day, but it was still a super fun adventure!

Sea turtles are in trouble today, so there are organizations that protect the nesting adult sea turtles. Volunteers dig up the eggs and bury them nearby to keep them safe until they hatch.

We saw a post on Facebook that there would be a turtle release. We immediately contacted the organizor and said we wanted to participate.

The group met at Montecillos, Boca Vieja for a one-minute standing ferry ride to Playa el Cocal ($1 per person each way). On the other side, we were greeted by trucks. We piled into the back of the trucks. The trucks drove on the sand to the organization ($8 per person round-trip). There is a suggested donation of $10 per preson to support the work. For a great experience, we spent a total of $40. (Plus $2 for some amazing corn on the cobb back at the dock.)

Once we were at the site, the organizer brought two crates of sea turtles close to the ocean and tipped them over.

Some of those babies looked like they had been training for this event forever. They headed straight to the surf without hesitation. There were tiny baby turtles everywhere! A few got a little side-tracked and went in circles before reaching the ocean.

Mark and I will be volunteering here. We will be on night beach patrol protecting the nesting sea turtles and marking their nests. Sea turtles will come back to beach where they hatched when they are 15 years old. (That is why it is important that they make their way from the sea to to the ocean.) I will go back to this beach in August and September of 2038 and hope to see a few of these guys then!

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