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Walk Until You Feel Better

To borrow a motto from my good friend Lori, walk until you feel better! I have found that this really works in the short term. It is hard to stay angry, stressed out, tired, overwhelmed ... you get the point... while going for a walk, especially in nature. For the first seven weeks in Costa Rica, we have walked a lot.

We walk on the beaches

We walk along the rivers

We walk along trails

We walk on our property, and

We across hanging bridges!

In the seven weeks that we have been in Costa Rica, we have walked so many beautiful miles!

The short-term benefit is experiencing new places, seeing new sites, and being happy.

It also really works in the long-term. I am feeling physically better every single day! The first walk up the road in our community almost killed me the first time. Now we can do it no problem! (It isn't easy, but it is so satisifying!)

We are also doing yoga, we swim a little and Mark surfs, but mostly we walk. I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER! I still have off days, but I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years.

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1 Comment

You look FABULOUS and very very happy!! 🥰

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