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We Made Butter!

In reading posts from Costa Rica over the last year, every once in a while there is a crisis in finding butter. Butter is also one of those things that is crazy expenisve here. We have a pretty special relationship with butter, so drastic steps seemed necessary to avoid a potential crisis. Before we left the U.S., I bought a churner and we brought it to Costa Rica.

We bought fresh cream at the farmer's market. Mark churned (of course I was on the phone and it was the worst timing ever), but it worked! Alchemy! A miracle! Cream turned to butter. The taste is fabulous!

We haven't really nailed down the storage situation yet, so we had to improvise with an empty salsa jar.

We didn't keep track of what we spent on cream or bringing the churner. It seems highly unlikely that making butter will result in a cost savings in the near future. It was fun and delicious. In case of an emergency, you know where to find butter.

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